Bonkers Cameron listens to no one

Students up and down the country are set to rally against the coalition government’s plans to raise university fee caps next Wednesday.  With so many students against the idea, why is the government not listening?  Georgie Campbell reports

The National Union of Student (NUS) has launched a national demonstration against the cuts under the title ‘Fund our future: Stop the education cuts’, which will see students at universities across the country strike against the new plans on Wednesday November 10.

The appalled reaction Lord Brown’s review received after revealing his plans last month should have given David Cameron some indication of public response, yet he seems to have ignored all the signs and steamrolled his policies through.

Having recently left university and currently working off the £18k of debt accumulated over a three-year course, I am disgusted at the new plans to charge students for an education that was formerly free.

Students rallied against the introduction of fees, the change in the ‘pay-back’ system and now that latest changes, yet no one seems to be listening. 

A career without a degree is near to impossible in today’s lightening market, suggesting government plans may leave many young people unemployed due to lack of education.

Lord Browne’s review has been criticised for splitting classes, challenging the working classes entitlement to further education and creating a competitive market for good education, yet no one seems to be able to solve these troublesome queries.

The strong interest from the press and the continuing challenge presented by the NUS should speak loudly enough to state the public’s lack of support. 

The BBC today questioned whether there will be market for university fees or whether the great majority will simply go straight to the suggested maximum of £9,000 a year further highlight key flaws in the government’s plans.

The next generation needs to take charge and stop these ridiculous charges taking place.  If young people can no longer afford to go to university the level of skill needed in certain traders will fall. 

Something needs to be done to put a stop to these ridiculous policies.


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