How did that happen?

The plans have changed – slightly.  After some major back tracking from the relatives I was left doing the race on my own.

Instead of tackling the 5k race alone I’ve taken one giant leap by entering myself into the 10k run instead (I haven’t gone completely mad, I promise!)

So training starts now.  With my trusty Asics, wrap round head phones and good selection of tunes of the SansaClip, there’ll be no stopping me.

Planning training routes around Birmingham is proving harder and harder.  Although the trusty Google Maps program is helping to measure distance, actually tackling the routes provides an unwelcome surprise every time – who knew there were so many hills in the West Midlands?

Trying to build up my fitness levels, I have spent the last two weeks running every day.  The routes (mapped out in previous posts) ranged between 1.6 miles and 2.7 miles.  I know, I know I have a lot further to go, but I can already feel my speed increasing.

Now two weeks in, I’m relying on an 8 week training program to get me through to the 6.1 mile race.

Day One – Rest… I like this training malark already.


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