Race for life

Stepping the running up to another level I’ve managed to talk my mum and auntie into taking part in the Race for Life this year. The 5 kilometre track round Cambridge city centre is designed to attract women of all ages and abilities, perfect for us.

Having participated in the event two years ago I’m looking forward to it already. The excitement on the day was enough to push anyone around the route and the array of costumes kept us all amused. (Yes that is me and my best friend dressed as 118 runners… oh dear).

Aside from continually convincing mum and my auntie that they will be able to do it, my current route has grown. The weather is slowing warming up and I’m actually enjoying it!

Pounding the streets of my hometown is a far better experience than being in the hustle and bustle of Birmingham’s suburban life.

Running through the somewhat quieter streets listening to my favourite upbeat songs certainly pushed me a little further. A whole 2.7 miles now!

Now, how do I encourage the others to get out in the fresh air?


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